V Face Treatment Procedure

Exclusive Focal Lines of Ultrasound for Facial Remodeling and Lifting

SygmaLift is not just a facial lifting system, but also facial remodeling system due to its depth at 5mm. When each individual beam of focused ultrasound passes through the tissue, it creates a progressive thermal effect down to the adipose tissue to stimulate the breakdown of the fats at the chin and cheek areas.

Tri-Micro Focal Ultrasound For Skin Rejuvenation and Collagen Stimulation

Tri-Micro Focal Ultrasound targets mainly on the eyes, forehead and mouth. It is also an effective non-invasive method for the stimulation of bioactivity, remodelling of collagen fibers and regenerating the tissue from the inside-out.

Cold Laser 635 nm for Bio-stimulation. Improvement of Skin Tone and Enhance Skin Glow

When combined with Cold Laser 635 nm, it enhances the skin glow for a younger look as it increases rate of collagen synthesis and growth factor production via vasodilation, sending the necessary nutrients to the skin tissue.