V Face Treatment

How It Works. SygmaLift Unique High Tech Facelift Solutions Combination of Ultrasound and Laser

The Only Device That Deposit Ultrasound Energy in Focal Lines

SygmaLift VS Other Classic HIFU Systems

Unlike other classic HIFU systems which emit ultrasound energy in focal points, SygmaLift is the only device that deposit the ultrasound energy in focal lines which target a larger surface areas, resulting in faster treatment. As energy is delivered in fractionated mode, SygmaLift gives great comfort to patients and no local anaesthesia or Emla cream is required.

Innovations in Ultrasound

Fast Results with No Downtime

– Painless
– One treatment every week. To do 3-6 weeks treatment consecutive
– Recommended 6 months maintenance session
– Results progressive within 40 days
– In-office procedure which takes about 15 minutes to 1 hour based on area treated